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We help you access the abundant resources available to help you grow and scale your startup in Canada. Whether it’s getting into a top tier program, getting funded, or connecting to the right people, we’re experts in the startup ecosystem here to help.


Want to come to Canada? Or just got here?


Join our 10 day virtual masterclass, designed uniquely for newcomer entrepreneurs by
experts of Canada’s startup ecosystem. The program allows you to:

  • Take a virtual ecosystem tour.

  • Get funded.

  • Know your legalities.

  • Peer-to-peer..

  • Immigrate.


Join our growing community.

An event series to change the narrative of Canada’s startup ecosystem, our sold out sessions shed light on Canada’s most successful newcomer tech entrepreneurs to voice their stories of success, challenges, and learnings.

  • Exclusive content & inspiring stories

  • Networking opportunity with startup supporters, funders, and resource providers

  • Networking opportunity with newcomer tech entrepreneurs

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We aim to make Canada the #1 destination for the brightest entrepreneurs with the most groundbreaking startups. With its favourable immigration policy, and advanced status in tech and innovation, Canada is leading on the global stage. Join the movement. #scalewithoutborders